I’m sick of feeling like I’m spread to thin and like no matter what I do I can’t please everyone (or really anyone at this point). I’m working my ass off to try and make some decent money and get a raise and it’s just making it hard to deal with other elements of my life. I haven’t has a weekend day off in two months where I have actually gotten to lay around and relax without having to do something or be somewhere or entertain someone. I’ve been going going going. I’m spent. I keep having anxiety attacks that make it feel like I’m going to vomit all over everything and collapse into a pile of worthless human being.

I think I’m done with tumblr for a while. It’s just getting me into trouble and I’m sick of being in trouble.

Anonymous said: You like your own posts. You're cool haha

Fuck you. I am cool.


The Black of Night, Spring 2014 
relief print and monotype, charcoal, white Conté crayon
40 x 24 “

I’ve been really shitty lately but I would give anything to have you just laying in my bed with me as I drink this beer and finish my book.

Anonymous said: Holy Moley you're so beautiful and that hair looks marvelous

Thank you!! I’m surprised by how healthy it is

Anonymous said: Post the booty?

Ok I didn’t see this until after I already posted. So don’t think I did this because of you lol

I call these my pandies (haha puns)

Anonymous said: You are just too cute darlin, I have a girl crush on you

πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™ŠπŸ™Š you’re too sweet

Anonymous said: SO FREAKING CUTE!! and so lovely to wake up to.... :)

πŸ™Š oh my. Thank you!
But wake up to?

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